Cement & Concrete SA is excited to announce a CPD-accredited roadshow which will take place in February 2024 on the role of concrete in providing infrastructure to address the looming water crisis in South Africa.
Stable water services, together with the provision of uninterrupted electricity, have become the two major risks for both individual households and businesses in South Africa, with the cumulative economic challenge of retaining, and attracting foreign investment. The water crisis carries a potentially devastating threat to our whole country. It has become imperative that water issues be addressed swiftly and widely to avert disaster.
Cement & Concrete SA believe that we need to facilitate discussions on this critical issue to identify and highlight durable responses from our industry. The presentations will deal with concrete (literally and figuratively) solutions for fresh water supplies, as well as wastewater treatment plants.

Keynote presenters are:

Dr Anthony Turton

(Environmental Advisor | Speaker | Author)

South African Water Supply Dilemma

Bryan Perrie


Cement & Concrete Standards update

Other confirmed speakers include

Willie de Jager, Leisel Bowes, Matteo Angelucci, Dr Frank Denys, Alan Chemaly and Dr Rod Rankine

Projects and topics of regional interest will be presented; the programme will vary in the 3 venues.

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