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172b - The susceptibility of selected Namibian aggregates to ASR, by Philemon A Arito, Petrina T Johannes and Martin T Mulundu Download
172a - The influence of steel fibre reinforcement on the ballistic resistance of concrete, by Jurie F Adendorff, Elsabe P Kearsley Download
171b - Influence of blended cements on corrosion rate of steel in reinforced concrete structures in a marine tidal zone – a review, by Luthando Ngcotwana, Rakesh Gopinath and Mike Otieno Download
171a - A simplified test method to estimate the relative rib area of rebar, by JP Jordaan Download
079 - The Use of Stainless Steel as Reinforcing Bar, by G J van den Berg Download
080a - Hydrating OPC/CSF Blends: An Infrared Spectrophotometric Study, by J Morris and T E Manchidi Download
080b - A Method for Predicting the Deflection of Twoway Spanning, Edge-supported, Reinforced Concrete Slabs, by A Boting Download
081 - Deterioration, Repair and Maintenance of Reinforced Concrete Structures in the Cape Peninsula – Part 1, by M G Alexander and J H Strohmeier Download
082a - Deterioration, Repair and Maintenance of Reinforced Concrete Structures in the Cape Peninsula – Part 2, by M G Alexander and J H Strohmeier Download
082b - Electrochemical Extraction of Chlorides from OPC and Fly Ash Concrete, by J R Mackechnie and the late H R A Le Maire Download
084 - Properties of Slag Cement Mortar Incorporating GGBS of Different Fineness, by F T Olorunsogo Download
085 - Workability, Initial Set and Compressive Strength Characteristics of Concrete made with South African CSF at Various Substitution Ratios, by Y Ballim and I Scott Download
086 - Comparison of Test Methods to Determine the Heat of Hydration of Cements and Cement Blends, by G Gibbon Download
087 - Laboratory Trials with Western Cape Metakaolin, by J R Mackechnie Download
091 - Reinforced Foamed Concrete – Can it be Durable, by E P Kearsley and the late P J Booysens Download
092 - Properties of Concrete made with Recycled Concrete Aggregate, by F T Olorunsogo Download
093 - Simple Strength Test for Masonry Units, by I Luker Download
094a - Influence of GGBS Fineness on the Pore Structure of OPC_GGBS Mortar, by F T Olorunsogo Download
094b - The Response of Flexible Portland Cment Concrete Pavements under Ultra-Heavy Loading, by A T Visser Download
095a - High Strength Concretes made with Densified and Undensified CSF – strength development and resistance to carbonation and soft water attack, by Y Ballim and N Ananmalay Download
095b - Concrete Cover to Reinforcement – or Cover-up, by A Neville Download
096 - Concrete Options for Water-retaining Structures, by J R Mackechnie and M G Alexander Download
097 - A Proposed Improvement to the Crushing Test of Concrete Specimens, by I Luker Download
098 - Use of Durability Index Tests for the Assessment and Control of Concrete Quality on Site, by S M Gouws, M G Alexander and G Maritz Download
099 - Durability of Reinforced Concrete Sewer Pipeline over 23 Years, by G E Blight and M G Alexander Download
100 - Review of Design Criteria and Performance of Block Pavements in Gauteng, by A T Visser Download
101 - Properties of Foamed Concrete as Influenced by Air-Void Parameters, by E Kearsley and M Visagie Download
102 - Effect of Steel Fibre Content on the Properties of Concrete, by E Kearsley and W Elsaigh Download
103 - Structural Behaviour of Dry-stack Interlocking Block Walling Systems Subject to In-plane Loading, by H C Uzoegbo and J V Ngowi Download
104 - Quality of Western Cape Sandstone as Concrete Aggregate, by J R Mackechnie Download
105 - Low-volume Concrete Roads, by B D Perrie Download
107 - Effect of Controlled Environment Conditions on Durability Index Parameters of Portland Cement Concretes, by M G Alexander and E J Griesel Download
109 - Corrosion Resistant Steels for Reinforced Concrete Structures: A Review of Current Status, by R G D Rankine Download
110 - The Role of Aggregate in High Performance, Fibre-Reinforced, Cement-based Composites, by G P A G van Zijl Download
111 - Variation in Cover to Reinforcement: Local and International Trends, by P D Ronné Download
112 - The Influence of Aggregate Stiffness on the Creep of Concrete, by G C Fanourakis and Y Ballim Download
113a - Wire Stitching to Strengthen and Repair Masonry Walls and Beams, by M Gohnert, Z Mahamed and Y Nadasen Download
113b - Critical Review of Rapid Chloride Test Methods for Concrete, by T Gardner, K Stanish and M Alexander Download
114a - Heat Curing Practice in Concrete Precasting Technology – problems and future directions, by S O Ekolu Download
114b - Dynamic Evaluation of the Solar Chimney, by J Rousseau and G P A G van Zijl Download
115 - Fibre Reinforcement – Steel vs. Macro (Structural) Synthetic, by R Ratcliffe BE MIEAust CPEng Download
116 - Current Status of Self-Compacting Concrete in South Africa, by A Geel, H Beushausen and M G Alexander Download
117 - Evaluation of Plastic Shrinkage Cracking of Self-Consolidating Concrete, by Phillipe Turcry and Ahmed Loukili Download
118 - Shear Failure of Steel Fibre-Reinforce Concrete-based Push Off Tests, by Bryan Barragán, Ravindra Gettu, Luis Agullό and Raúl Zerbino Download
119 - Self-Compacting Concrete Columns under Concentric Compression, by Chien-Hung Lin, Chao-Lung Hwang, Shih-Ping Lin and Chih-Hsiuan Liu Download
120 - The Influence of Slag Fineness on the Workability of Cementitious Pastes, by Robin J Page and George C Fanourakis Download
121 - Self-consolidating Mortars using Various Secondary Raw Materials, by Syed Ali Rizwan and Thomas A Bier Download
122 - Importance of Processing in Advanced Cement-based Products, by K G Kuder and S P Shah Download
123 - Constitutive Model for Fibre-reinforced Strainhardening Cement Composites (SHCC), by G P A G van Zijl Download
124 - Flexural Design of Fibre-Reinforced Concrete, by C Soranakom and B Mobasher Download
125 - Controlling Properties of Concrete through Nanotechnology, by S P Shah Download
126 - Early Age Cracking and Capillary Pressure-Controlled Concrete Curing, by V Slowik and M Schmidt Download
127 - The New South African Loading Code SANS 10160, by J V Retief and P E Dunaiski Download
128 - A Market Review on the Use of Structural Precast Concrete in South Africa, by Hans-Dieter Beushausen and R Wainwright Download
129 - Influence of Pumping on the Fresh Properties of Self-Compacting Concrete, by D Feys , G De Schutter and R Verhoeven Download
130 - Self-Compacting Lightweight Aggregate Concrete for Composite Slabs, by A E Bruedern and M V Mechtcherine, W Kurtz and F Jurisch Download
131 - Plastic Shrinkage Cracking in Conventional Concrete and Low Volume Polymeric Fibre Reinforced Concrete, by R Combrinck and William P Boshoff Download
132 - The Use of Recycled Building Materials As Aggregate for Concrete, by E P Kearsley and H F Mostert Download
133 - New Technologies for Sustainable Concrete, by Dr Peter C Taylor, PE (IL) Download
134 - The Oxygen Permeability Index Test: Its Application and Addressing the Variability Issue, by G W Nganga and S M Gouws Download
135 - Precast Concrete Construction of Schools in South Africa, by D de Klerk, J A Wium Download
138 - Background to the Draft SA National Standard for the design of water retaining structures, by C Barnardo-Viljoen, K K Mensah, J V Retief, J A Wium, G P A G van Zijl Download
139-140 - Assessment of concrete pulverised with copper Slag as partial replacement of cement, by D M Boakye, H C Uzoegbo Download
142 - Developing non-heat treated UHPC with local materials, by Jin Zang, G P A G van Zijl Download
144 - Properties of pervious concrete for hydrological applications, by S O Ekolu, S Diop,F Azene Download
146 - An economic evaluation methodology to compare the use of self-compacting concrete with normal compacting concrete, by J Malherbe, J Wium Download
147 - The influence of aggregate grading on concrete potential durability and penetrability, by M Loseby, MG Alexander, H Beushasuen Download
148 - Cyclic delamination failure in CFRP- strengthened reinforced concrete beams, by G P A G van Zijl, A J Badenhorst Download
150a - Specifying cement content for concrete durability: why less is more, by M Angelucci, H Beushausen, M G Alexander and J R Mackechnie Download
150b - Practical implications of durability index performance-based pecifications - current experience, by G W Nganga, H Beushausen, M G Alexander Download
151a - Comparative evaluation of the time dependent deformations of cracked steel fibre and synthetic macro-fibre reinforced concrete in tension, by A J Babafemi, P D Nieuwoudt, W P Boshoff Download
151b - Pozzolanic materials and waste products for formulation of geopolymer cements in developing countries: a review, by A Naghizadeh, S O Ekolu Download
164 - The influence of solar radiation on the temperature of fresh concrete, pore water evaporation and plastic shrinkage cracking, by J E van Zyl, G M Moelich, N Rabie and R Combrinck Download
165 - Chloride ingress in concrete structures treated with hydrophobic impregnation, by Hans Beushausen, Haris Sohawon Download
166a - Investigating the use of isothermal calorimetry for predicting physical properties of cements, by Department of Civil Engineering, University Download
166b - Potential for carbon dioxide sequestration in wet concrete mixes, by I I Milanova and E Kearsley Download
166c - Management of concrete and cementitious waste: an assessment of practices and strategies in South Africa, by Frieda M Mogodi and Mike Otieno Download
167a - Curling of concrete ground slabs, by Roderick Rankine, Bryan Perrie, JC Lategan, Cecil Tembani Download
167b - The viability of rubberised concrete in the South African construction industry, by Matthew Jonck, Dawid J M Vuuren and Sunday Nwaubani Download
167c - Characterization of mahogany bark ash for its use as supplementary cementitious material and its behavior in a cement paste at its earlier age, by I Ngassam, M Walda, D Dodoo-Arhin, H-C Kühne, W Schmidt Download
167d - Characterization of ternary blended self-compacting concrete exposed to sulphate environment, by Deep Tripathi, Rakesh Kumar and Pradeep Kumar Mehta Download
168a - Building a Corrosion Management System through material sustainability and material stewardship, by A I Williamson Download
168b - Effect of recycled crushed concrete fines on density, slump, strength and accelerated shrinkage of concrete, by Philemon A Arito Download
168c - Sustainable treatment methods for recycled concrete aggregate, by Priyadharshini Perumal, Antti Korva and Mamdouh Omran Download
168d - Stress-strain characteristic of crumb-rubber masonry concrete prism column under compression, by Sanni Mukaila Yinka, Leonard Ngutor Dugguh and Laraiyetan Ebenezer Taiye Download
170c - Capillary pressure measurement of crumb-rubber masonry concrete block, by Sanni Mukaila Yinka, Leonard Ngutor Dugguh and Laraiyetan Ebenezer Taiye Download
170b - Strength, durability and microstructure of concrete made using waste electrical and electronic plastic as partial replacement for the natural aggregate in concrete, by Lewis A Parsons and Sunday O Nwaubani Download
170a - Framework for assessing the viability of laterite as a source of aluminosilicates in geopolymerisation, by Victor S Gilayeneh and Sunday O Nwaubani Download