The cncPAVE program is a web-based system, this means you can access the system from anywhere in the world by using a compatible Internet Browser like Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox (recommended). Because of this benefit, processing and loading will be slower than a locally installed application. The benefits, however, are much more.


Comparing cncPAVE to its old version, you will find that data is always stored. This might be new and something to get used to, but accessing the data at any time from any location is a huge advantage. Data is also stored per Company, Project and then Scenario, which makes data organizing a pleasure.


The cost per copy of the program is R10,000 plus VAT
Includes: Ongoing support from Dr Strauss
(However clients that requires excessive support will be billed separately)

How cncPAVE works


The standard subscription has a life period of one year. The subscription could, however, be renewed.


A user using cncPAVE will be granted access to the system.

Each user is linked to a Company.

It is impossible for more than one person to access the system at the same time by using the same user credentials (same email address). The cncPAVE will not allow this unless more than one license is purchased.


A computer programme can never replace designer’s intelligence and experience, but the programme cncPAVE can be used to quickly pre-try a concrete pavement design, evaluate its quality and thus facilitate competent decision-making.

The programme assumes that input values are uncertain and quantifies uncertainty as part of the output. In developing the programme, it was assumed that uncertainty about the input relates to variation in construction and environmental factors normally encountered on bigger projects in South Africa.

Use of the programme in other circumstances, especially where adverse environmental or different construction procedures are expected, need to be with more caution.


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Lore De Bernier

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