Cement Industry Matters & Sustainability

National Commitments

The CCSA members use various forums to report on the different aspects of their performance. These forums include, the Carbon Disclosure Project, the JSE SRI and government departments. The Association also supports the mining charters and promotes the members to provide information to the indicators of the mining charter.


The Executive Director of the CCSA represent/ed its members on the following:

Business Unity South Africa (BUSA)

  • Environmental subcommittee
  • Waste management subcommittee
  • Air quality management sub committee
  • Climate change subcommittee

Minerals Council South Africa

  • Environment management
  • Water management
  • Climate change
  • NEMA associated law reform
  • Just transition occupational health and safety

National Business Initiative

  • Project Steering Committee of the Energy Efficiency Leadership Network of the NBI (National Business Initiative)
  • Cement sector decarbonisation strategy

Mines qualifications Authority

  • CLAS (Cement, lime, aggregate and Sand) committee of the MQA (Mines qualifications Authority).

Department of Environment

  • Project steering committee for establishing the Environment professional Body
  • Air quality management
  • Mercury management
  • Waste management industry forum
  • National Committee on Climate change
  • Establishing GHG emission factors for selected waste streams

Department of Water and Sanitation

  • Projects teering committee to develop water management toolkit
  • Water conservation and water demand management

Department of Energy

  • Energy efficiency target monitoring

Carbon capture and utilisation research project:

  • International project in collaboration with International Donor and department of Science and Technology

World Business Council CSI (cement sustainability Initiative)