This version of the Durability Index Testing Procedure Manual contains a number of new aspects. The most important is that Parts 1, 2, and 4 have been formalised as SANS Test Methods: SANS 3001-CO3-1:2015, SANS 3001-CO3-2:2015, and SANS 3001-CO3-3:2015, respectively. Part 3, the Water Sorptivity and Porosity Test Procedure must still be formalised through the SABS processes. It is important to note that if there are discrepancies between this Manual and the SANS Tests, the SANS Tests will govern.

There are no substantive changes in the test methods compared with earlier versions, but the wording has been improved to make them clearer, the figures have also been improved, and other detail added. For example, illustrative calculations have been added as an Appendix in the OPI Test Method, and precision data have been added where appropriate.

The other change to note is the inclusion of porosity as an important parameter in the water sorptivity test. While determining porosity has always been a part of the test, this parameter is now being realised as important in its own right, and water sorptivity cannot be viewed in isolation of porosity. Ideally, a potentially durable concrete should have both low water sorptivity and low porosity values.

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Schedule of proposed changes (SANS3001-CO3-2&3) – NOV 2023.pdf

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Durability index tests provide a measure of the resistance of the concrete cover to ingress of gases, liquids, and ions. The three tests developed in South Africa are oxygen permeability index (OPI), water sorptivity index (WSI) (together with associated porosity), and chloride conductivity index (CCI).

The spreadsheet contains different worksheets that are used to:
a) record data from measurements taken in these tests
b) carry out automatic computations to determine the test results of OPI, WSI and CCI, and
c) a measure of variability in the test results.

It is essential that first-time users of these spreadsheets read the worksheet labelled ’Read me’ which provides a concise overview of the different worksheets and inputs required, as well as the outputs.”

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DI Spreadsheet amendments (2023.08.17).pdf

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