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Lightweight aggregate manufacturing for use in structural concrete – Richart G. Ross, Elsabe P. Kearsley Download
Experimental investigation of the effect of alkaline activator and mix constituents on foam stability of foamed alkali-activated materials – Khanya Mazolwana, Humaira Fataar, Algurnon S. van Rooyen Download
A proposed pendulum impact test method for uhpfrc - Jurie F. Adendorff, Elsabe P. Kearsley, Abrie J. Oberholster Download
Assessing the mechanical and durability properties of concrete incorporating recycled clay masonry rubble bricks as fine aggregates - Thilivhali M. Malima, Olatokunbo E. Omisakin, Janina P. Kanjee Download
Comparison of permeability-reducing admixture and supplementary cementitious material for improved durability of concrete – Amé Kleynhans, Elsabe P. Kearsley Download
Conceptualising the behaviour of 3D printed concrete structures in fire – Selicia Pillay, Richard S. Walls, Johann E. van der Merwe Download
Experimental study to evaluate the performance of a natural carbonation prediction (NCP) model - Billy E. Edamu, Stephen O. Ekolu, Fitsum Solomon, Harry Quainoo Download
Hardened properties of 3D-printed limestone calcined clay cement concrete – Kamoru A. Ibrahim, Mustapha B. Jaji, Gideon P.A.G. van Zijl, Adewumi J. Babafemi Download
Misconceptions around compressive strength of cementitious repair materials for structural repair – Nicholas Jarratt, Hans Beushausen Download
The effect of nanographene on conventional concrete using a variety of application techniques - Abraham E. van Wyk, Carla van Wyk, Riaan Combrinck Download
The effect of nanobubble water on the fresh properties of conventional concrete and 3d printing concrete - Simba S. Kanyenze, Dawid J. Joubert, Riaan Combrinck Download
Use of different industrial and agricultural by – products in formulation of one – part geopolymer binder - Damund de Klerk, Abdolhossein Naghizadeh, Stephen O. Ekolu Download
Geo-polymerization of mining tailing for use as a pavement construction material – a review - Gbenga Aderinto, Jacob Ikotun, Valentine Katte Download
Evaluation and rectification of concrete defects in hydraulic structures during DLP-case of Isimba Hydro Power Plant (183 MW) in Uganda - Godfrey Rwakafunjo, Chad S. Akita, Muzafalu Kayondo Download
Optimising the mix design of earth blocks using recylced clay brick aggregate - Karel van Rooyen, Griffin Surendra, Janina P. Kanjee, Ryan A. Bradley Download
The development of a vermiculite based 3D printable fire-resistant concrete and an assessment of its fresh state and mechanical properties - Kyle B. Stebbing, Algurnon S. van Rooyen Download
A structural reliability-based approach to prestressed concrete design - Zander Snel, Nico P.J. de Koker, Celeste Viljoen Download
Review of monitoring methods for chloride-induced reinforcement corrosion on reinforced concrete bridges - Jaziitha Simon, Hans Beushausen, Mike Otieno Download
The role of sustainability in target reliability assessment - Lloyd Chaitezvi, Christina H. McLeod Download
The design and analysis of anchor connections in lightweight concrete - Nikhiel Budhai Download
Influence of nanobubble treated wastewater on concrete - Bianca M. Augustyn, Landon Olivier, Isobel Brink, Riaan Combrinck Download
Performance of slag-metakaolin-based geopolymer concrete (GPC) with recycled plastic eco-aggregate - Babatunde L. Ajayi, Adewumi J. Babafemi Download