The Young Concrete Researchers, Engineers and Technologist Symposium (YCRETS) aims to create a platform to bring together young individuals who work on the development, design and application of concrete and cementitious based materials, in Southern Africa.

Symposium dates:

12 – 14 JULY 2023

The symposium aspires to:

  • Establish Southern Africa as a place of cutting edge research, innovation and engineering excellence in concrete materials and engineering.
  • Promote young researchers, engineers and technologists as the future leaders in the concrete engineering and construction industry.
  • Foster research collaborations between the different academic institutions and industry across Southern Africa.

The symposium is open to presenters who are 35 years and younger and who either:

  • are research scholars (pursuing undergraduate or postgraduate studies) or members of academia
  • are architects, individuals from a construction management background, or any other fields of work directly/indirectly associated with concrete and concrete construction
  • are engineers or technologists practicing in the industry

The symposium aims to showcase the work undertaken by young individuals to the industry at large