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Terms & Conditions

Cement & Concrete SA (CCSA) is not a recruiting agency.
The Vacancy Notice Board (VNB) is a value-added service for CCSA members and related industries.
The VNB is hosted on the CCSA website, subject to all Legal disclaimers published on the CCSA website relating to Website Notice, PAIA Manual, Privacy Policy, and Cookies Policy.
Vacancies will only be published on VNB once the CCSA Administrator has received all completed documents, in the required format, from the advertiser.
The VNB will only list relevant positions received relating to cement and concrete, and available in South Africa and neighbouring countries.
CCSA reserves the right not to publish a vacancy that does not support the South African built environment with reference to cement and concrete.
CCSA shall under no circumstances engage in any correspondence relating to vacancy postings or applications.
All vacancies should reflect a deadline for application after which date the vacancy will be removed from the VNB. If no deadline is given, vacancies will automatically be deleted from the VNB 90 days after publication.
Vacancies published on the VNB do not carry an endorsement from CCSA and are not a guarantee of employment.
CCSA cannot be held liable for any interaction or outcomes between advertisers and job seekers.